"We All Are 1.00 is not your typical charity with all the admin. costs, or high paid executives eating up the money, and it never will be. I want the less fortunate, as well as our members to benefit." Nick Pamboukis Founder

We All Are 1.00 Founder

Who we are:

    Founder Nick Pamboukis is an entrepreneur, father, and philanthropist making a difference. While on an excursion to the city a Samana in the Dominican Republic, the idea of  We All Are 1.00 was born. Nick noticed while boarding a shuttle boat to the island, several children stood by the boat ramp begging for a dollar from hundreds of tourists that passed by. Even a single dollar handed to the children would make a difference, but a dollar handed to them from 100 people would make a huge impact! So adopting this concept on a large scale made perfect sense. We All Are 1.00 simply asks you to donate as little as a dollar month, so that we may collectively as a group donate to a charity, organization, or even a family in need. Together we can make a huge impact!

How we choose:

    While watching the boys ask for money several people walked by with out handing the kids a dime! Nick was shocked at this and pulled a few of the tourists aside and asked why they simply walked by the children with out helping them? The response from most was, "We don't know what they'll do with the money." This made  perfect sense, and Nick wanted to make sure his members knew where the donations were going. So he decided to allow the donors to nominate 10 charities, organizations, or families a month. We validate all 10 prior to publicizing them. These 10 nominees names go into an actual hat, and the employees at We All Are 1.00 draw a recipient. The recipient then is awarded the money we collect in that month! This is a simple and repeatable process month after month with our donors help.

What our donors get:

    Although the charity was formed to help the less fortunate and the act of giving should be enough. Nick found it fitting to offer the members of We All Are 1.00 a chance to win an all expense paid trip for 2 to the Dominican Republic where this charity began! There is no minimum donation necessary and each month you donate your name goes into the same hat for a chance at the vacation! Nick's goal is to give to the needy and give back to the donors.