Find your inner power by helping others

1.Our organization accepts monthly re-occurring donations, which can be as little as 1.00 a month.

2.We accept 10 nominated charities, organizations, or individuals on a monthly basis into our pool of charities.

3.Money collected in that month then is donated to the chosen charity..

4.For every $50,000 raised we select one donor randomly to win an all expense paid vacation foe two, as thank you! *No minimum donations required.

It only takes one person to make a difference, but by all of us coming together and donating a small amount we make an impact.

How it works

Our mission is to grow a pool of donors locally, nationally and internationally for helping groups, charities, or individuals that have been nominated for assistance.

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Our Mission

We can't all donate large amounts of money but if we all come together and donate a small amount consistently, we can help charities, groups, and families in need world wide. Your donations play a huge part in our strength and ability to help the less fortunate. Join today for as little as a 1.00!

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